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BlackMarket Labs believes in the long shot. They bet on the dark horse, we are still trying to figure out what that means... Emerged from humble beginnings with a goal to never bow down, give in, or sell out. BlackMarket Labs is founded on these values:


Progress always comes at a price, and yet nothing in life is more satisfying than accomplishment through hard work and determination. Regardless of how you train or what you look like, our goal is to help you make progress. When that happens, you'll feel powerful, confident, & inspired. 


They specialize in goal-focused, premium pre-workout formulas. Their products are concentrated, pure & effective. They believe each person requires unique supplementation. Not everyone works out the same or wants the same result. That's why BlackMarket Labs produces a variety of pre-workout formulas, each engineered to provide a unique combination of nutrients needed to accelerate progress toward a specific fitness goal or enhance a distinct training regimen. NO BLACKMARKET product tries to be everything to everyone.


BlackMarket Labs do things the right way without compromise. The way they see it, it's too easy to become disconnected from a product that you don't make yourself. That's why they manufacture all of their supplements in their own GMP-certified facility. They formulate, flavor, blend, package, inspect, and ship every bottle. 


In 2006, the founder of BLACKMARKET was selling supplements inside a Gold’s Gym in Utah. Brysen observed the training and transformation of his customers. He learned the strengths and shortcomings of available supplements. Most importantly, he realized there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to exercise supplementation.

BLACKMARKET officially launched in 2009 with two pre-workouts: AdreNOlyn BULK and AdreNOlyn CUTS. These were the first products in the industry engineered to meet the needs of people with distinct fitness goals. In the beginning, they intentionally focused their sales to independently owned retail shops. Those shops remain their top priority today. No one knows supplements better than the men and women who make a living using and selling these products face to face in their local communities. 


BlackMarket Labs are not for everyone. They are here for the dedicated, the audacious, and the unrelenting. Those that demand excellence and refuse to settle. BlackMarket Labs will never be content. They will always push. They will always work. They will continue to stand out and stand tall, and they will forever believe in the underdog.

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