Body Tech Creatine

Body Tech Creatine

Body Tech Creatine

Body Tech Creatine is a 100% micronized creatine that is a private label product for The Vitamin Shoppe. You can buy it here on Amazon or on their website.

Creatine Basics

There are different types of creatine and we've already covered that in an earlier blog post. You can read that here.


Creatine is very hard to get right now and with some of the highest inflation ever prices are more and more important as well as having a reliable supply to you. We will compare Body Tech Creatine to Myogenix Micronized Creatine.


First of all these are the exact same product that are offered by two very reputable companies. We made a video comparing them:

Here is the breakdown between these two products:

Comparison of Body Tech Creatine vs Myogenix Creatine

As you can see at the time of writing this both products are the same price per serving. The only difference is that you can get a smaller bottle from Myogenix and save yourself $10 by buying the slightly smaller bottle.


Creatine is creatine as long as it is from a great company. Both are great and you really can't go wrong. However, I would save myself the $10 for the smaller size with Myogenix and buy another product to supplement my creatine.

A great pairing would be a nice multi vitamin for under $10 from Viva  or some Ribose from Jarrow. Better yet, get all three of them!

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